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Innovative, patent-pending VG coil pipe is made entirely of of stainless steel wire coils. Two halves of fit together by twisting/screwing. The coil parts (5 total) can be completely disassembled by hand (by unscrewing) so disassembly is easy, and each component can be cleaned separately. The coil pipe is thermally insulated, (due to an air gap between the inner and outer coils), therefore the outer surface does not become hot. Uses flame heat very efficiently, because it is so well insulated. This makes it good to use in cold weather. The coil pipe tends to run hotter than our other pipes, since little heat is lost to the outer surfaces. The coil pipe has some limitations that buyers should be aware of: The flame intake hole is on the endface, not the side like in the aluminum bat. This makes it a little harder to locate the flame properly. We dont think this is a big issue, however, since the shape of the coil pipe provides some visibility. The coil pipe is flexible. Stepping on the pipe candamage the ceramic filter. Spare replacement coils are available at reasonable cost if customers need replacements.


  • Low tech and simple design
  • stainless steel
  • Good for use in cold weather
  • Flexible
  • Durable


  • 1 x Vapor Genie Aluminum Bat