• Aluminum Bat Portable Vaporizer
  • Aluminum Bat Portable Vaporizer

Vapor Genie

Aluminum Bat Portable Vaporizer




These Aluminum Bat VG pipes have improved internal components (stainless steel heat shield) and machined features for further reducing external heating of the pipe. Heat efficiency is improved, and the pipes stay cool a lot longer than the prior version.


  • These pipes are nickel/chrome plated (inside and out) instead of anodized.
  • The chrome plating is super smooth and shiny and provides better corrosion and chemical protection than anodization. 
  • Made of superior 7075 aluminum instead of 6061 aluminum.
  • Lightweight at 60 grams.
  • 4.5 inches long x 1inch diameter at its widest point
  • Mouthpiece hole is 1/4" Mouthpiece is not necessary but we include one for free.
  • Can be cleaned with liquid solvents such as alcohol or hot soapy water. Both top and bottom can be cleaned with solvents. Cleaning the top in this way should not usually be necessary, however. But if you do clean the top with solvents, make sure the ceramic filter is thoroughly rinsed.
  • Use soft pipecleaners to clean this pipe. Do NOT use stainless steel brushes! Stainless steel brushes may damage the chrome plating inside the pipe.

Aluminum Specs

  • The 7075 aluminum used in this pipe is far superior to 6061, and about twice the price.
  • 7075 aluminum has a lower thermal conductivity, which helps the bat stay cool.
  • 7075 is also much harder and stronger, so it resists dings, dents and scratches.
  • 6061 aluminum is often deceptively marketed as "aerospace grade aluminum". This is deceptive because there are many types of "aerospace grade aluminum" (including 7075), and 6061 barely makes the cut.
  • 7075 is simply a far superior material, especially for use in our bat VaporGenie pipe.

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