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TerpDip™ is a pure terpene extract used for adding flavour and fortifying your concentrates and oil extractions.

TerpDip™ is 100% all natural and extracted by expeller press without the use of chemicals.

Original Orange
Root Beer
Northern Lights
White Rhino
Strawberry Cough

How to use TerpDip:

Dip concentrates into TerpDip™ solution then place on a hot surface such as an e-nail or titanium/glass/quartz nail for best results. Do not add TerpDip™ to raw plant material. If adding TerpDip™ to oil or extract solution, add a few drops at a time until desired level of flavour is reached. Add TerpDip™ during processing prior to vacuum process to fortify or enhance the flavour of your extract.

CAUTION! ** Never directly smell or inhale product from vial. ** Do not consume. ** May cause irritation to nose and sinus. ** Exposure to skin may cause irritation or burns. ** Do not leave the lid off the jar or the product will evaporate. Always make sure lid is secure to avoid spilling.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are unsaturated hydrocarbons that deliver flavour via plant alcohols or aromatically, that when combined make up the hundreds of diverse flavours found in plants such as lemons, oranges, cloves, eucalyptus, etc.

How many different kinds of terpenes are there?

There are well over a hundred terpenes and terpenoid groups that when combined can create over a million unique flavours and aromas.