• Metatron's Cube Launch Box
  • Metatron's Cube Launch Box
  • Metatron's Cube Launch Box

Magic Flight

Metatron's Cube Launch Box




"Metatron's Cube is a highly geometric aspect of the Flower of Life that was first discovered by a medieval Italian mathematician. The figure, Metatron, is the ultimate communicator between humans and the divine in a variety of apocryphal texts, and many believe his cube to contain sacred geometry that will allow us to understand every living being. The cube contains the five three-dimensional “Platonic solids”, which represent the five elements: earth, air, fire, water, and ether. Not only do these shapes each fit perfectly inside a sphere with identical faces, edges and angles, their forms have been proven as the basis of the entire periodic table of elements.


Within the complex shape, one can see a hexagram, known as a symbol of duality, and a star tetrahedron, which represents the energy field around each of our bodies. Metatron's Cube also reveals a hexagon, a shape found in naturally-occurring phenomena such as honeycombs and flowers, implying that there is a mysterious universal order. Within this abstruse design, you will explore the synchronicity of the Universe, and encounter the mathematical, natural, and metaphysical unity between yourself and the world around you." - Magic Flight

Handcrafted with love in San Diego, CA, USA


  •      One Maple, Cherry or Walnut Metatron's Cube Laser-Etched Launch Box
  •      (2) rechargeable NiMH batteries with protective caps
  •      Battery charger
  •      Felt-lined decorative tin
  •      Glass draw stem
  •      Cleaning brush
  •      Lifetime Functional Warranty






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