Herb Iron

Herb Iron Butane Free Lighting Device

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Does your medical condition make using lighters painful and difficult? Tired of constantly buying expensive butane lighters only to have your friends accidentally pocket them?  

If you spend money on quality glass, quality tobacco and legal medical herbs, why ruin the taste with butane and sulfur. Others have turned to using ceramic tipped soldering irons in order to remove butane lighters from the smoking and medicating process but these can be dangerous if left plugged in. The Herb-Iron uses a quality 25 watt ceramic heating element that is activated with a simple push of a button. The ceramic element reaches optimum smoking or vaporizing temperatures in 6-8 seconds from cold start. Heat up times become shorter throughout the smoking or medicating session. Once the Herb-Iron's button is no longer being pressed down, it quickly starts to cool off and is completely cool in 4-5 minutes. 

The Herb-Iron's design removes the human error associated with using soldering irons and removes the need for expensive butane lighters. The US-made Herb-Iron also carries a limited-lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing defects for the life of the product. If the Herb-Iron ever fails under normal use, just send it to the manufacturer with the original sales invoice for a quick, no questions asked exchange. The affordable Herb-Iron removes butane and sulfur from your smoking and medicating process while at the same time ensuring you get the most out of your glass collection.

Colours: Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink (subject to availability).