Space Case

2-Piece Aluminum Magnetic Grinder - Large

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The Space Case large two piece grinder is the ultimate grinding machine.  This two piece grinder is huge (3.25" in diameter) and will grind enough for everyone around.  The diamond-shaped sharp cut grinding teeth will never dull, and will grind your product down to the finest you could ever need.  This fine grind allows for a very consistant burn however you may like it.

A benefit of the two piece grinders, compared to the four piece, is that when grinding your product you can keep grinding until you achieve the fineness you are looking for.  Two piece grinders make it more convenient to achieve a fine grind than in the four piece products.

Being CNC machined from aerospace aluminum means pieces of this Space Case fits together perfectly, and is durable yet lightweight.  Magnets in the pieces cause them to snap shut and hold together while you're grinding.  This precise fit, aided by a Teflon grade O-ring means you won't find a smoother grinder out there.

  • Dimensions: 3.25" wide, 1.25" tall
  • Precision machined from high quality aerospace grade aluminum
  • Magnet holds together the two pieces
  • Ultra sharp teeth cut smoothly and never dull
  • Backed by a manufacturer lifetime warranty