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Welcome to Ignite Smoke Shop

We are the premier head shop in, British Columbia. Ignite Smoke Shop was founded out of a need for providing the perfect customer experience that is reflective of the real nature of British Columbia's most vibrant industry. Our staff's goal is to make sure you leave us with exactly what you wanted: whether it's at our Abbot and Cordova location or right here at our World Wide Web address.

The Dream

Ignite Smoke Shop sells everything that an individual needs to enjoy their herbs and concentrates. With the BC medicinal marijuana industry achieving an unprecedented level of growth, the variety and quality of products to help patients achieve the relief they require is also expanding almost daily. Ignite Smoke Shop's goal is to position itself to help out as many people as possible get the right gear they need, and have an awesome time doing their shopping!

The Goal

Ignite Smoke Shop sells herbal vaporizers, vapor pens, concentrate vaporizers and pens (dab pens), glass herb pipes, dry pipes and water bongs, titanium, ceramic, quartz and glass concentrate accessories, rigs and vast amounts of heady glass! We sell direct and indirect ways of smoking too! Do you need a grinder, dabber, rolling papers and trays, ash trays, containers of all kinds (both zip-lock style, plastic and glass)? One of the best things about the BC medicinal industry is the variety of products for patients' relief: Ignite Smoke Shop offers the same variety in the tools these patients can then use to achieve the desired effect. 

Our goal is to help you get elevated. Stay heady everybody! 
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