Grinders – Aluminum

Herb Grinders

Herb grinders break up the herb into finely ground bits that are easier to roll with and that burn evenly in a bowl. Ignite Smoke Shop offers a variety of herb grinders for sale, from a variety of materials, including the highest quality sifter grinders, 2-piece grinders, wooden grinders and others. For larger selection, please visit our Vancouver smoke shop conveniently located in Vancouver Gastown.
A vital accessory to any tool collection is a metal herb grinder. Ignite Smoke Shop carries a wide range of herb grinders. Whether you want a standard cast-aluminum Sharpstone or Compton grinder, or a high-end Space Case or Santa Cruz Shredder, we've got you covered. The benefit of having a grinder is speed, easy storage and transport of herb. We have 2-piece and 4-piece grinders. A 2-piece grinder is great for what you need it to do: A 4-piece is even better; allowing you to collect kiff and have a large stockpile ready for April 20th.

Ignite Smoke Shop carries Space Case, Santa-Cruz, Sharpstone, RAW and more.