You gotta hand it to butane. It's efficient for a lot of things, mainly being a combustible fuel for lighters and more recently it is the solvent used to extract shatter from raw cannabis. However, the best thing about butane is this: You no longer need to use it for heating your nails. 

Enter the e-nail! These amazing contraptions are now on the market and have caused quite a stir. The average e-nail contraption uses a controlled interface electric wiring system with a titanium heating coil attached to a titanium, ceramic, glass or quartz nail. The entire device is heated with electricity, removing the risk factor of using a torch - broken nails, overheated and shattered glass joints, and burnt fingers are all a result of using butane torches to heat dab nails. This being said, if proper safety procedures are practiced, both methods are completely safe. Still, there are those who prefer to dab using electricity instead of combustible liquid fuels, and and if you're one of those people, then the e-nail is for you.

The staff at Ignite Smoke Shop's Abbott & Cordova location will be able to help you get the right e-nail for your needs.